• User is a real personal who connects to the application and system of the company's website via the Internet online and benefits from the services provided.
  • Private law firm includes Inno Visa Canada and Inno Canada Link.
  • Software system application owned by the company that all material and intellectual rights, ideas and services and benefits are fully owned by the company
  • Personal information received from the user, ie name and surname, mobile phone number and other information such as education, gender, marital status and city and number of children and financial records and business activities, etc. are for free evaluation for the immigration purpose.


  • All personal information of the user is registered in the system confidentially.
  • The personal data that the user enters in the questionnaire are collected to assess the user's ability to immigrate to Canada under current Canadian immigration criteria.
  • The user may be asked to provide personal information in specific areas on the Website.
  • Personal information collected at various stages of the process will only be used for the purposes for which it was requested.
  • When the user submits his / her resume to the company, this document is used only to assess the user 's eligibility to immigrate to Canada.
  • Information received from the user, such as registration and evaluation details, or other personally identifiable information, is stored in a secure data center in North America.
  • Any claim of the user regarding unauthorized access to his personal information by people outside the system is unacceptable and using the services of the system means trusting the system and maintaining the confidentiality of user information by the system.
  • Changes to the Privacy Policy
  • These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, may change over time without notice and therefore the continued use of the system by the users means the acceptance of any changes in its terms and conditions.
  • All changes will be updated on this page.
  • Answering all questions about the rules and regulations and policies of confidential information is done by sending a ticket in the system.
  • The main ways of communicating with the user are through the system itself and the numbers entered and the ticket in the system.

User rights

  • Initial registration and completion of the free evaluation form does not constitute a contract.
  • Prior to the formal signing of the contract, only a free evaluation is performed for the user.
  • Completing the information and sending the request does not mean becoming a customer and does not create any rights for the user or the responsibility of the company before signing the formal contract and payment by the customer.
  • The user acknowledges that the information entered is real, accurate and up-to-date and is for personal action for visa or immigration to Canada by official immigration attorneys.
  • The user confirms that he / she did not enter unrealistic information just to log in. If a user enters incorrect information or information about another person, it is considered fraudulent and is immediately removed from the system.
  • The user is responsible for all activities performed through the account.
  • The user is not allowed to provide his username and password to other people and users.
  • Any action by the user that leads to damage to the reputation and credibility of the system will be considered a violation of contractual and legal conditions.

Copy right

  • Copying information in any form and in any way is not allowed. Upon observation of the violation, legal action is taken against the user and the company reserves the right to track and prosecute and file a complaint.
  • The user confirms that the username and password in this system will be for their visa and immigration affairs, and if other people use this account, the system has the right to block and cancel the account and cancel the contract without any refund of the paid amounts.

System software rights

  • Users do not have the right to make any attempt to extract the source code or change the system by uploading infected files, malware and malicious scripts and any other similar cases and actions that in any way cause damage to system performance or unauthorized access. Go to different parts of the system, in case of any action to do so, the user's account will be blocked by the system, and cancel the contract without any refund of the paid amounts.
  • In this case, the user will not have the right to make any claims or objections because of this. If necessary, legal action will be taken against the above user, and the system reserves the right to track and prosecute and file a complaint.
  • The company uses industry standard encryption technologies to receive sensitive data sent by the user of their sites.

Support and contract

  • If the user encounters a problem while using the system services, they can request their support through the support section in the system or the phone in the system.
  • The company only helps the user to complete his information before obtaining the contract, the company does not take any responsibility for this information and changes in the immigration information activities. His user number will expire after 15 days and Logs out. If the user wishes to re-enter the system, he must complete all the evaluation steps again.
  • The information obtained by the user in his first presence in the system is invalid and he must check his conditions again.
  • No contract will be executed by the company before the full evaluation of the user conditions.
  • If the contract is signed but no payment is made, no action will be taken on the customer.

The official language of the system

  • The system services are provided in English and French.
  • Official and legal documents are valid only in English and French and Persian language is for users' information only.
  • The use of masculine in French in the whole system is only to make it easier and easier to read the term.

Acceptance of rules and regulations

  • The presence of the user in the system means full and unconditional acceptance of all the rules and regulations of this page.


  • The applicant is responsible for maintaining personal documents.
  • The documents submitted for evaluation will be in copy.
  • No original documents will be received from the user and if there is no contract, all information will be removed from the system after evaluation.
  • It is not possible to return the documents sent to the user.